Meet Molly

NASM Certified Personal  Trainer | NASM Certified Nutrition Coach |  CPR/AED Certified by the American Red Cross

Thank you for visiting my website.  Wellness is a lifetime journey that like anything else, is riddled with ups and downs, gains and losses, setbacks and comebacks, only to get "on track" again.  As someone who has invested a significant amount of time and energy in the wellness space, (I believe it all started with the Thighmaster), I have developed a genuine interest in the intersection of food, exercise, and health.  The fitness space has evolved over the past decade from "pumping muscles and Barbie measurements" to a much deeper and more meaningful investment in "self-care" that benefits the mind, body, and spirit.  I run every morning for my internal therapy session as much as I do for the cardiovascular checkmark.

My approach to fitness and health is all-encompassing.  Weight struggles more often than not, are indicative of false belief systems or routinely seeking comfort in a zero-sum game.  Compounding this issue is America's love affair with indulgent foods and the continuous romancing of "foodie" culture, particularly on social media.   On the flip side, strength and cardiovascular challenges tend to be a function of discipline and consistency, but their results are also heavily impacted by the foods we eat.

When I work with clients, it's more than the diet, more than the workout.  We challenge the external "programming" and develop behaviors that will drive success for you. Wherever you are in your wellness journey, I would love to work with you. Whether training for a marathon or preparing for ski season. or shifting your nutrition mindset, my programs are fully customized to meet your individual needs.  Though I am located in Aspen, Colorado, I do work with clients virtually.

For more details on my programs and prices, please email me at or schedule time with me by booking a 30-minute complimentary session via Calendly below.

About Molly:  An Augusta, Georgia native, Molly moved to Aspen in 2021.  She has a BS in Business Management from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.  Though her professional pursuits focus on brand management and marketing strategy,  she has a natural ability to connect and motivate people in the health and wellness space.  Molly became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2018 and coached at Orange Theory where she earned her love of the stopwatch and pairing music with intervals.  Molly earned her Nutrition Coach Certification in 2020 during the COVID-19 quarantine and has yet to look back.  Molly creates the programming for all her classes and her coaching models are inspired by the National Academy of Sports & Medicine (NASM).