You know what to do, you may have even done it before, but why is it so difficult to do it now? Most likely you are struggling with motivation, adherence, consistency or all of the above. These behavior traits have underlying beliefs, which is why addressing physical fitness, nutrition, and mental fitness as individual disciplines is our most common mistake - all three are interdependent.

Welcome to Molly Meek Fitness where we work more than the body to enhance your quality of life. Molly is located in Aspen, Colorado and offers in-person as well as individual, virtual coaching services. We invite you to explore our website to understand how Molly can best help you on your wellness journey.

To schedule an initial consultation with Molly, please book an appointment via Calendly located at the bottom of this page. The first 30-minute consultation is complimentary and will be used to determine client/coach fit, as well as discuss goals, duration, and pricing.